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Learn how to create educational games with us!

20. 06. 2022

On the first of September, we are launching an online course for teachers, students not only of pedagogical disciplines, leisure educators and all those who want to learn how to create an educational game (not only online). Up to 5 selected participants will also get the opportunity to attend a follow-up course in Rhodes!

How can you register? Register via the link  HERE! 

In our online course, we will present 12 workshops divided into 3 areas:
1. Smart online tools (MIRO, DISCORD, CANVAS, SMORE)
2. Storytelling and fostering a relationship with place
3. Game design and creating educational games

Can't get involved right from the start? You can join the program after it starts and we will make the lessons you missed available to you from the recording! 

What will it cost you? Only your time, the workshop is completely free
What can you get in addition? Additionally, 5 selected participants can attend a follow-up course with us in Rhodes, Greece!
How will it work? 
- The workshops will take place online from 17:00 - 20:00 
- All workshops will be in English
- It is not necessary to attend all sessions, but the number of sessions attended will be taken into account when selecting participants for the follow-up course in Rhodes.

More information about the project you can find HERE!


Schedule of individual lessons 

Find more information here!

TRAINING AD pdf593.17 KB

A document summarizing detailed information about the training and the project

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