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European entrepreneurs and business angels meet and discuss on 3rd CE-Connector DAY

17. 06. 2022

20 bussiness angels and founders across Central Europe revealed their experience from early stage angel investments during CE-Connector Day. The CE-Connector initiative that brings together a group of private business angel investors with public fund support to co-invest in start-ups.

The investor conference of early stage startups and angel investors presented opportunities to finance and invest in start-ups. Speakers included leading European entrepreneurs, experienced business angels and public authorities supporting start-ups. 

Opportunities for funding start-ups are gradually evolving, with more newcomers attracted to invest. In order to help early-stage start-ups find their funding, and at the same time to give support and more opportunities to early-stage investors to learn how to finance, this is exactly what Wednesday's European CE-Connector Days conference addressed with a number of interesting guests from the industry. DEX Innovation Centre was the main organiser.

The conference and roundtable attracted 140 attendees from all around Europe. During the first part of the CE-Connector DAY (morning 10-12:30), speakers shared their know-how and experiences with attendees about angel investments and building a startup.

    The programme of the virtual conference featured big names from the European business scene. Speakers included Ian Collins (UK) with a lecture „Developing your go-to-market strategy and the role of strategic investors“. His experience is based in late 80's when he run own business with microchipes on security market. The top 3 challenges for all early stage startups from his vast experience are:

    1. test your business plan and develop it,
    2. keep looking for advisors and
    3. go to global market.

    Lessons learnt from burnout founder

    With entrepreneurship and building business there are high expectations.
    “No around me were never enterpreneurs, so they haven't had this extremely crucial experience,” said Indrek Poldvee (Estonia) at the start of his Keynote on elimination of burnout during building a startup. “You are number one reason the start-up runs, so stay healthy. Every single day you learn and experiment. Never stop,” added Indrek.

    During the first part of the CE-Connector DAY (morning 10-12:30), speakers shared their super-important insights and remarks with attendees about angel investments and building a startup.

    Adam Carson made a great introduction and moderation during the whole CE-Connector DAY.

    Socialize, do not sit only in the office

    Sergej Pavljuk run the LinkedIn speed-training at the end of the conference. Sergej speaked about Speed training on maximising LinkedIn potential. He presented how personal LinkedIn profile is for communication of the key founder more effective than company communication. He recommends all founders should build their target communities and increase their social selling index for reaching customers and investors.

    The second part called CE-CONNECTOR ROUNDTABLE (afternoon 13:30-15:00) started with Zoltan Bendo (Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion) with a quick summary of CE-Connector ACIF Activities, results and Future Actions.
    Next program of the roundtable was dedicated to topics like Perspectives and values; Ideas for next development and Private-public co-investments. At the Roudtable participated also Sieglinde Walz, Aleš Pustovrh, Ksenja Jaklič, Ivana Čuljak. All of the attendees could hear about the investment ecosystem, business opportunities and market validation of businesses. All of the speeches were engaging, and initiated interesting Q&A sessions.

    You can remind yourself of the morning and afternoon programme, recordings of the conference and roundtable can be found here:

    and here:


    Very special thank you all European entrepreneurs who meet online on 3rd CE-Connector DAY.

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