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Look back: Liberec belongs to the young people.

14. 06. 2022

We have held an event in an unusual "format" hackathon. It was an intensive 14-hour workshop in which students and young people from Liberec and the surrounding area were given space. In a short time they had to solve urgent cultural challenges of their choice and corresponding to the current situation of the city. The event took place on Friday 10 June in the Liberec Business Incubator. The hackathon was organized by @DEX IC & @Lipo.ink in cooperation with the City
of Liberec and its initiative Liberec 2028.

We started with a breakfast at 8 am, where everyone got to know each other. The event was attended by 5 teams, they were high school students and also young Liberians. And at 9 o'clock everything started. The main organizer Adam Červenka welcomed everyone, introduced the main mentor Pavel Bartos, who guided the competing teams through the whole day.

We started. We worked in teams, using design-thinking methods and innovative practices. Participants proposed various creative solutions to promote culture in the city under Ještěd. They dealt with themes characteristic of contemporary Liberec. Antonín Ferdan from LIPO.ink, our colleague Vojtěch Jíra from DEX Innovation Centre, the city architect of Liberec Jiří Janďourek, David Pastva from Crystal Valley, graphic designer Jirka Hořavka from STROY studio and the well-known bookseller Martin Fryč from Živý Liberec. Each of them came up with an assignment for their area of work to inspire the teams for their work. In the end, the students and young people chose an interactive game for tourists and visitors to the city, solved activities to promote glassmaking in the Crystal Valley or the cultural programme Summer on the Square.


    And how did it turn out? Here are the results:

    1st place | team: Bývali jsme čtyři tvarůžci

    2nd place | team: Liberec all in one

    3rd place | team: Daniel - Emer - Pája



    "I firmly believe that every participant had the AHA moment they wanted. Many teams went through a major mental transformation during the day, and although they were lost at times, the resulting presentations were definitely worth it! Each team was unique and I'm so glad that my partners and I were able to put on such a great event. Still, we have a lot to improve and I firmly believe that we will repeat the next similar event and attract even more participants," says Adam Červenka, the main organizer from DEX IC.

    In the morning part, they formulated their visions and conducted research on the ground. They went out and interviewed people on the street (in the centre of Liberec) near the public transport terminal on Fügnerova Street. They used the findings to transform their visions and adapted them to the real feedback they received from random passers-by.

    During the afternoon, the teams started to create presentations. They refined their content until late in the evening. Encouraged by the delicious Italian pizza for dinner, they began presenting to the six-member expert jury.

    The winning team presented an interactive app that could cleverly entertain many a Liberec resident who finds a liking in local pubs and hangouts.

    Thank you for doing this with us. Nothing prevents us from looking forward to next year's edition!

    PHOTOGALLERY: Look back at the event Liberec belongs to the youth.

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