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Nationally customized PPI2Innovate SMART Tools

12. 04. 2018

We are very glad to announce that PPI2Innovate tools for SMART HEALTH, SMART ICT, SMART ENERGY have been successfully customized into all (6 countries) national frameworks.

Together 18 nationally fully customized PPI2Innovate SMART tools represent a far-reaching asset for Central-European region and its public procurers for an active and strategically guided usage focused on development of innovation-friendly local and national ecosystems.


And why to use nationally customized PPI2Innovate Tools?

  • Improved quality and/or efficiency of public services with a smart use of taxpayer´s money

  • Public authorities acting as first buyers may signal the market acceptance of the innovation and encourage other customers to adopt the innovation, 

  • Public authorities can identify solutions for their needs and introduce new suppliers and service providers obtaining cost savings in the short, medium and long-term,

  • Suppliers can have access to valuable public sector clients and gain the opportunity to apply research outcomes and commercialize ideas while understanding public sector challenges and priorities.

Full versions are available on : www.interreg-central.eu/PPI2Innovate

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