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DEX Innovation Centre will support public procurement processes supporting innovations demands through a new "PPI2Innovate" project

23. 04. 2016

DEX Innovation Centre is proud to announce that it will be able to support PPI processes and their awareness in the Czech Republic and the whole Central Europe area through a new project called "PPI2Innovate". Implementation in the Central Europe will be coordinated totally among 10 international partners and 8 strategic partners from various countries. In the Czech Republic, DEX Innovation Centre activities will be further supported by its associated strategic partner, Technology Centre ASCR.

The project, which will start on June 1st, 2016 will focus on the following:

- to build regional capacities in PPI

- to change attitude towards PPI

- to strengthen linkages among relevant stakeholders in regional innovation systems

- to boost usage of PPI

The project will achieve this change by delivering innovative outputs such as 3 thematic PPI2Innovate tools for smart
health, energy and ICT fully customized to 6 national institutional frameworks and translated. In addition the project will create 6
regional competence centres for PPI and their central European network as well as 6 action plans to implement 8 PPI projects in each
region. 4 PPI pilots will strengthen linkages to apply a trans-regional “learning by doing approach” and to show success stories in 4

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