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The process of developing devices to facilitate independence for seniors in their homes continues successfully.

26. 04. 2021

As part of the HoCare 2.0 project, we continue to collaborate on the development of applications from Oscar Senior and Mediware, with the key activity in this development being the involvement of seniors in the design of the solutions themselves.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Institute of Social Services in Prague 4, which involves its employees and clients in the creation process, we can test the proposed solutions. The first solution from Oscar Senior focuses on remote communication and remote client service, and the second solution from Mediware focuses on remote monitoring of the patient's health.

At present, the first testing is underway, which will help us define specific activities that we want to improve and develop in the mentioned facilities. It is the involvement of the client and caregiver that allows us to get a view of those who should ultimately use the device itself. These activities will then be repeated, with the proviso that we will gradually look for other possibilities for improvement in order to create a minimally marketable product.

Last week, a joint meeting of employees and companies took place to obtain initial information and discuss possibilities for improvement. As it turns out, technology is still a big challenge for the involved age group (70+), mainly due to the fact that these are people who, in addition to their age, also face some health restrictions. Nevertheless, we have jointly defined strategies that will help us show seniors that the tools developed can help them in their daily activities.

In the case of Oscar Senior, however, we first need to motivate seniors to use the application more. We want to achieve this primarily by expanding the leisure activities of seniors, in the form of games, but also books or radio games, which will help us engage seniors and diversify their opportunities for leisure time. Subsequently, we will try to involve other activities that will help them in their greater independence.

In the case of monitoring devices from Mediware, these are pitfalls on the part of operating individual devices, which are difficult for seniors. Even in this case, however, we have found strategies and solutions that will help us solve these problems and move testing and development a bit further and thus reach the goal in the form of the most user-friendly devices.

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