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We are developing a new facility in cooperation with Oscar Senior

26. 07. 2021

With the help of senior companies, we try to create products that will be useful and user-friendly for them thanks to their own feedback.

Oscar Senior develops and operates the Oscar Senior tablet application, which allows seniors to keep in touch with their loved ones. The application is intended for families - communication between the senior (seniors) and his family members, as well as for home and social care providers, which allows them to connect their employees with the customer - senior. Oscar Senior provides seniors with an easy way to keep in touch with family, friends and useful online services. The basis is a simple and safe environment, fully adaptable to the needs of seniors. In addition, a family member or a friend of a senior can help the senior remotely and set everything up via the Oscar Senior application from their smartphone. Oscar Senior thus enables your elderly loved ones to enter the digital world easily and fun, and at the same time helps them to get out of social exclusion. All this, accompanied by younger family members, with the help of which the senior can discover the Internet, view news or weather and other useful applications on his tablet, in a safe and simple environment.

In this case, it is an existing service that should be developed by voice control.
What services does Oscar Senior offer within its application?
•    One-to-one and group video calls
•    Photo sharing
•    Messaging and group chats
•    Automatically receive video calls
•    Safe web browsing
•    Comments that can be used for drug planning
•    The account administrator can remotely connect a senior with other subscription members via a video call
•    Remote application management in the senior phone
•    Manage subscription users
•    Possibility to lock the tablet so that the senior does not get out of the Oscar Senior environment at all - he has everything he needs in the application
•    Application for iOS or Android completely without ads
•    Regular updates
•    Email customer support
•    Possibility of individual setting of the Oscar Senior application

All functions can be customized to the maximum through the Oscar senior website. With a password, the user registers on the website and can remotely modify all settings, add or remove functions, add and remove contacts, check compliance with medication and more.
The goal is to create voice control that makes it easier for the senior to control. With the help of his voice, he should be able to call his loved one, caregiver or other acquaintances who use the application.

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