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B2B companies can set foot in the region with the help of V4 SUF

16. 08. 2022

The V4 Startup Force scholarship program helps companies in building a network in the Visegrad region. The main goal of the program is to build bridges between the four countries, which became even more crucial in our current economic situation. Startups can apply for the fall semester until 11 September.

V4 Startup Force alumni startups list various reasons why it is beneficial to apply to the business development program that focuses on the Visegrad region. Lots of new knowledge, wide network of investors, new sales opportunities and business contacts, valuable feedback regarding their companies, and regional expansion as a primary step for long-term success. The most popular benefit beyond question is that startups can participate in several business meetings per country.


In the midst of the current global economic difficulties, the strong bond between Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia gets even more important. Since 2018, V4 Startup Force has been successfully building bridges among the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the four countries ­– with the support of the International Visegrad Fund and together with professional partners.


Organizers originally aimed to create a cohesive community and showcase the region's economic strength, to show that startups and other actors of the market can count on each other. The program builds talent locally and keeps businesses in the region for a specific reason, which is – in the long run – to show the strength of the region to the global market.


Since the beginning, V4 Startup Force has successfully developed more than 70 startups during more than 350 business meetings. The autumn semester will start soon, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Polish B2B companies have until 11 September to apply.





As in the previous semesters, twenty companies will enter the first round of selection, where they will immediately receive relevant business training. A total of four startups - one per country - will be included in the main program. After the intensive, three-day virtual bootcamp between 2 and 26 November, the four startups in the final selection will tour the Visegrad region online and offline. The first three weeks will be held virtually, and the fourth one in person in Budapest.


The Czech DEX Innovation Center, the Slovak Campus Cowork and the Polish Startup Hub Poland joined Design Terminal again as professional partners.


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