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How SCI FI 2023 changed Tomáš Pavlů’s life: A participant’s perspective

18. 02. 2024

SCI FI is a unique program that aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of health and life sciences. It is a six-month journey that involves online and offline learning, mentoring, networking, and pitching. Tomáš Pavlů was one of the lucky participants who completed the full 2023 SCI FI program with an amazing presentation. In this article, Tomáš will share his feelings, expectations, challenges, and outcomes of this incredible experience.

Q: Could you please share your feelings now when you and your team finished the full 2023 SCI FI programme with an amazing presentation?

I was relieved (laughs). Sometime it was quite demanding, especially in terms of time (family, work, other projects,...). And then since I was a child, I've been afraid to give a speech in front of people (even if it was just for a little while and it wasn't really that big of a deal). So hence the relief. And yes, I think our team made a great work with the project.

Q: What about your expectations, do you find the course satisfying? Did the SCI FI team managed to fulfill what you expected?

In many ways, the course exceeded my expectations. Actually, at the beginning they were probably quite different from what the reality was then. The first part is the course itself, which showed me a completely different perspective on project development. From a good idea that comes up in one morning with a few people to a real product, it is a much longer journey than I thought. As a healthcare professional who has to make decisions with patients in minutes or hours, project planning months in advance, market research, financial calculations and similar things is a completely new experience. The second part is working in an international team, the whole communication with people with different professional orientations and so on. In addition, there was an opportunity to talk to a lot of interesting people during the offline meeting. Not only the participants, but also the organizers.

Q: We want to improve and get better each year. Was there anything missing for you personally (or your team)?

I personally thought that in the second part the program was very intense and that can be quite challenging for someone. But then again, I understand that this is also part of moving forward as a person, working under pressure. I wouldn't change anything about our team. But I felt sorry for one team where part of the participants dropped out and only 2 remained. But I understand that not much can be done about it in the process. But they made it. So respect.

Q: I believe that you heard a lot of new information, met fantastic people and saw brilliant ideas. What personal change did you experience as an outcome of the whole course? How did it help you with what you do and for the future?

I heard a lot of new things. And the people were great. Personal change? Perhaps only greater humility and overall greater respect for others. I think the experience from the course will help me in my next projects. Better to plan everything and have more realistic expectations.

Q: If any of your friends and colleagues ask you: "Why should I join the SCI FI in 2024?", what would be your answer?

Meeting new people, new ideas, working in a team, working on a project, working under time pressure. Organization of meetings; contact with professionals, not only organizers, but also mentors and health care providers. Intense 2 offline meetings in interesting places. But mainly I think that the course can be a good opportunity to really transform yourself from a university student interested in research (pre or post graduation) to a worker in a large pharmaceutical company or startup.

In conclusion, I am just glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the program, learn new things and meet so many great new people.

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