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Solutions for people with Mild dementia presented during SMART4MD Roadshow

05. 12. 2019

SMART4MD Roadshow took place in the Czech Republic during October and November 2019. Three events took place in UP21, Prague; CVUT, Prague and Regional Reseach Library in Liberec with goal to raise awareness of public in the challenges of mild dementia and developed SMART4MD platform and its benefits for people with mild dementia, their carers and healthcare professionals.

The first stop took place in the premises of UP21 Incubator in Prague on 17th October 2019. It was organized together with another Health-related event - Startup Campus V4 Roadshow. About 40 participants learned about interesting information regarding mild dementia - a progressive disease that scares many of us. Among other info, Michal Stefan, DEX IC presented general info about SMART4MD project, developed SMART4MD platform and results from the M12 clinical trial. Participants also had a chance to try the application by themselves. 

EIT Health Innovation Day in Prague, on the premises of CVUT took place on 1st November 2019. To the penthouse at the top of the building came 30 people to learn about innovation in the health sector and gather inspiration from real-life projects that are being implemented. Participants learned about InoCure, a startup with their product DifMATRIX that is the first active 3D cell culture membrane that enables faster, reliable and ethical preclinical testing. They had a chance to try the SMART4MD platform that helps people with mild dementia. 
And during the last stop organized on 18th November in Liberec, we had welcomed more than 20 people interested in the panel discussion of 4 health or social care professionals. They were discussing the topic of mild dementia from many different angles - from diagnosing this disease, through different types of help from social and medical care to digital solutions that are currently under development or event available in the Czech Republic and other European countries.

We are happy that about 100 people in total had a chance to learn something new. And that they learned about what to do if mild dementia appears, how they can fight it and that they will not be fighting alone. 

The SMART4MD project is co-financed by the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020 - Grant Agreement No. 643399.

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