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Transnational Maturity Level Index evaluates the level of innovation of mapped companies within the 4STEPS project

11. 08. 2020

We have measured the readiness of companies for their digital transformation. Transnational Maturity Level is an index based on the mapping of companies from the Czech Republic, but also in other European regions, 

Transnational Maturity Level Index (TML) was created by the project consortium to determine the maturity of all 350 mapped companies. Moreover, we selected 10 companies from each territory and described their TML in detail. 

TML has become a composite index that consists of six dimensions: 1) Related Diversity; 2) Human Capital; 3) Project Management; 4) R&D; 5) Industrial Width 4.0; and 6) Industry Depth 4.0. Thus, TML is expressed as the average (in %) of all 6 dimensions. See the results of 10 companies from the Czech Republic compared with the 4STEPS sample. 

Thanks to the survey, each PP has checked the TML index of the companies from their region and compared TML results at the national and international level.


Related Variety Index

Human Capital Index

Project Management index

R&D index

Breadth of Industry 4.0

Depth of Industry 4.0

Overall TML index

Average result of the 10 pilot Czech companies










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