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4STEPS is complete, FabLab is ready for young innovators!

04. 05. 2022

On the last day of March 2022, the 4STEPS project officially ended. Our project may be over, but the DEXIC FabLab is here to stay and will be available for all young teams, start-ups and SMEs and their innovations.

We would like to thank all partners, SMEs, startups, and all other individuals and organizations that have helped us to create this unique project like 4STEPS was.

By working with experts and enthusiasts, we were able to get to know the environment for which we were creating the system and together we adapted it based on their insights to a result that is now fully adapted for creating new ideas, prototypes and many more innovations which you can imagine.

We look forward to welcoming everyone interested in our DEXIC FabLab!

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