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We are developing a new facility in cooperation with Mediware

26. 08. 2021

With the help of senior companies, we try to create products that will be useful and user-friendly for them thanks to their own feedback.

Mediware a.s. develops and operates the InspectLife solution - a web-based information solution to support the provision of assisted surveillance services and telemedicine - remote transmission of medical information (such as pressure, heart rate, etc.) from patient to doctor, via a smart device such as a phone or tablet.

The InspectLife solution offers or will offer a comprehensive range of services. The main services envisaged are senior surveillance, saturation telemonitoring, blood glucose, temperature, ECG.

Characteristics of the "Supervision of the Elderly" service, which will be offered thanks to the use of InspectLife technology.

The aim of the "Supervision of the Elderly" service is to enable seniors living in the home environment to report emergencies and communicate with the assistance supervision service.
Clients using the "Supervision of the Elderly" service are equipped with a mobile surveillance device. By pressing the SOS button on the monitoring device, the client can report the emergency status to the assistance monitoring centre, communicate with the operator in both directions by voice using the monitoring device, the operator can find out the current geographical location of the monitoring device and provide the appropriate type of assistance to the client. The monitoring device also allows the assistance monitoring centre to automatically notify the client of a possible fall. To the InspectLife system, resp. to the data on the client and his resolved emergency events, both the client himself and the contact persons authorized by him may have access.
The expected benefits of using the "Supervision of the Elderly" service are an increase in the independence, self-sufficiency, security and thus the quality of life of seniors living at home, as well as delegating responsibility for supervising the elderly from family members to the assistance supervision service.
The main goals of the InspectLife solution:
•   To increase the quality of treatment of chronic patients and the provision of care for the elderly.
•   To improve the quality of life of chronic patients and the elderly by enabling outpatient and home treatment and care in the home environment instead of institutionalized care.
•    To increase the efficiency of the provision of health and social services.
•    Reduce costs for the treatment of chronic patients and care for the elderly.
•    To increase the satisfaction and motivation of all participants in the provision of health and social services.

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