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Final seminar of the RS&RC project

The final event of the RS&RC project took place in Evropský dům on 21 September 2016. An inspirational and interactive seminar and workshop with the topic: Use of storytelling in work with communities/groups of people sharing a common problem.

Get inspired on our seminar and workshop about storytelling use in work with communities

We would like to invite you to the final inspiration and discussion seminar and workshop under the RS&RC project with the topic “Use of narrative and storytelling in work with communities / groups of people sharing a common problem.” This seminar and workshop will be held on 21.9.2016 at the Evropský dům in Prague from 10:00 to 15:30 and the entry is free for all participants. 

Call for participants of training days with narrative and storytelling approaches in Gouda, the Netherlands

DEX Innovation Centre has the pleasure to invite all community workers, social workers, informal network members, non-formal trainers, consultants, coaches, NGO representatives and other people working with groups of people sharing the same problem to Training days with narrative and storytelling approaches, that will happen in Gouda, the Netherlands, on June 13-15th, 2016.

Unemployed people 50+ created other stories

On 8th April 2016 in Liberec was held another event in frame of RS&RC project. Generally, this project is aimed to a methodics of storytelling in the context of work with the community of people who have the same problem. In the Czech Republic, we work in this project with a group of unemployed people in age over 50 years. We cooperate with organizations Plus 50, o. s., Alternativa 50+, o. p. s. and also with professional couch Ms. Židlická from Juventa Agency.

First 10 story interviews with unemployed people 50+ age.

In January 2016, DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC) organized 10 individual interviews with unemployed people in age over 50 years. The interviews were organized in frame of „Raising Strong and Resilient Communities“ („RS&RC“) project.

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