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Which challenges does the project PPI2Innovate target?

PPI (Public Procurement of Innovative solutions) is a powerful tool to boost innovation. The public sector demands, by using PPI the innovative services or products that are not yet available on the market or not at large scale on the market and thus forces the providers to innovate. PPI is well supported on the European level (i.e. FP7, H2020), there exist also various guidance and training tools already for a few years. But in majority of CE – Central European regions there is missing boost the PPI usage because available tools are not customized to national frameworks and regional knowledge hubs are missing.

PPI2Innovate project targets directly public procurers on all administrative levels in CE with the aim to build regional capacities in PPI, change attitude towards PPI, strengthen linkages among relevant stakeholders in regional innovation systems and thus boost usage of PPI.

Which objectives has the project PPI2Innovate?

There are three goals to be achieved within the PPI2Innovate project. The first one is to DEVELOP THEMATIC PPI2INNOVATE TOOLS for SMART Health, Energy and ICT, which will be fully customized to 6 national institutional frameworks and translated.

The second goal is to REALIZE 4 PPI PILOTS to strengthen linkages of involved stakeholders, to apply transregional “learning by doing approach” and to SHOW SUCCESS STORIES OF DEMANDED INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS and related to public procurement in 4 CE regions. PPI pilots will start with definition of concrete need while demanding innovative solutions for its fulfilment continue with public procurement procedure and finish by signature of the contracts with suppliers, winners of the tender.

The third goal is to ESTABLISH 6 REGIONAL COMPETENCE CENTERS FOR PPI and to create their CE network. The main objectives of these centres will be a) improve knowledge of employees of public procures in PPI, b) support them in usage of PPI, particularly SMART PPI Tools for Health, ICT and Energy, c) influence attitude and positive change behaviour of public procurer in order to boost PPI usage in CE and d) strengthen linkages among procurers, research institutions or other relevant actors from innovation systems. At the same time, competence centres will serve as national contact and supportive point for developing action plans with respect to PPI promising ideas in each region.

What is the duration of the project? 

1. 6. 2016 – 31. 5. 2019

Which partners cooperate on PPI2Innovate project?

DEX IC is author of PPI2Innovate project. We facilitated, developed and managed the project preparation.

HUNGARY: Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd.

CZECH REPUBLIC: DEX Innovation Centre

POLAND: Municipality of Lublin (LOCAL level)

ITALY: University of Turin

ITALY: Piemonte Region (REGIONAL level)

SLOVENIA: ICT Technology Network Institute

SLOVENIA: Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (NATIONAL level)

HUNGARY: Somogy County Government (COUNTY level)

CROATIA: Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments

POLAND: Rzeszow Regional Development Agency

Where to find more information about the project?


Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF).

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