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Ongoing: PPI Mapping process

14. 03. 2018

PPI: A SMART way to address societal challenges: Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) is a procurement where contracting authorities act as launch customers of innovative goods or services which are near to the market or already available on small-scale commercial basis, including solutions based on existing technologies used in an innovative way.

By this reason, DEX IC is currently performing mapping of minimally 30 different public procurers from the Czech Republic. Based on the results of the mapping we will select and further elaborate on the 8 most promising projects. 

The main objective of mapping is to foster the implementation of Public procurement of innovation (PPI) projects, creating the awareness and attitude of Public Procurers towards PPI and last but not least to identify new potential PPI projects and support them.

If you are interested in PPI or if you have PPI need or project idea, get in touch with us.