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Join us for Pre-Jumpstarter workshop by EIT RawMaterials on December 8th

13. 11. 2020

We invite you to the Pre-Jumpstarter workshop lead by EIT RawMaterials to increase your entrepreneurial skills and discuss business ideas. 

Let's meet on December 8th! 


EIT Jumpstarter is a program that will help you to explore if running a startup is something for you and if your ideas have a business potential!

The programme itself comes with amazing perks:

  • Up to 10k € in funding to work on your company
  • Travel cost reimbursements
  • Industry expert mentors and startup coaching to help you move your idea further along
  • Opportunity to pitch at the European Finals

Pre-Jumpstarter Workshop

On December 8th, 2:00-6:00 pm, we are organising a fully virtual introduction to the Jumpstarter program lead by EIT RawMaterials. Their goal is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe through supporting and building of startups. 

The best ways to achieve that is to have new businesses entering the fields of Recycling, circular economy, mining, etc. 

EIT Jumpstarter targets teams through fields, therefore, anybody from Raw Materials, Health, Food, Manufacturing, Urban Mobility, and Energy sectors is free to join. 

Does not matter if you already have an idea or not, the mentors will help you in any stage.

Agenda & Speakers

  • 14:00 Welcome & short introductions 
  • 14:30 EIT RawMaterials opportunities 
  • 15:00 Introduction of startup ideas group 
  • 15:30 How to start a company: Find a problem to solve 
  • 16:00 Brainstorm: Who are your customers 
  • 16:30 Business model: What will you sell? 
  • 17:00 The Jumpstarter application form 
  • 18:00 Closing 

Two world-class trainers are ready to provide feedback on your business idea to help you find out if it could be the basis of a company. If you don't have an idea yet, they will help you brainstorm on one.

What problem do you solve? Who might be your first customers and how they benefit from your product? These are the crucial questions that will be answered. 

In the 2nd part of the workshop, we will focus on the EIT Jumpstarter itself, your questions regarding the programme and application form.

And do not worry, there will be a few short breaks during the programme! :)

Hans Westerhof

Hans is a start-up trainer, general manager, consultant and entrepreneur with a background in a broad range of industries and environments. His current focus is cleantech startup acceleration through entrepreneurship education, coaching and financing. Experience in directing projects and programs (US 100 million +). He is focused on execution and the kind of guy that simply gets things done.

Antonis Politis

Antonis is a start-up coach, innovation broker, consultant, ecosystem builder and enabler in raw materials industry and broader environments. He is working as Business Development Manager in EIT RawMaterials and his passion is to work closely with innovators & start-ups and provide them all the means to support them grow and scale. His current focus is to build the innovation ecosystem for raw materials sector in East and South-East Europe.

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