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Accelerator Project: Regional Mapping Analyses

26. 09. 2017

The main goal of the Accelerator project is to build a sustainable accelerator program in each project-participating region, including the Liberec region. However, prior to the actual program development, a comprehensive mapping was conducted in order to identify potential strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities in our region related to the project implementation.

DEX Innovation Centre, as the project partner in the Liberec region, therefore made two regional mappings. The first mapping is focused on the analysis of the relevant policy framework related to the startup ecosystem. It includes observations on the company creation process, key legal and tax regulations, access to equity financing, and finally good practices in the field of accelerators were identified as well.

The second case study maps the demand and supply of local innovation ecosystem. It includes the analysis of regional stakeholders, the availability of different funding for startups, needs for services for startups and finally examples of the good practice.

Both analyses are free to download at the links below.

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