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Project eDigiStars was approved for funding

28. 07. 2020

The Danube Transnational Programme approved in a total of 35 new projects from the third call for proposals. About €60 million will be distributed from the ERDF, IPA and ENI funds. The main aim of the 3rd call is to foster transnational cooperation and support policy integration at the regional level. DEX Innovation Centre is the author of one approved project - eDigiStars.

eDigiStars written by us was successfully approved for funding! 

There are two common challenges in countries of Danube macro-region. The 1st is lack of employees or self-employed entrepreneurs who can provide specific simple digital services for SMEs (e.g. basic system administration of Windows workstations, 3d printing, digital campaigns administration or graphic design). The reasons for this are the extremely low unemployment rate or brain-drain. The 2nd challenge is ageing of population and employability difficulties of the elderly population. At the EU level is concluded that roughly 30% of the workforce of 51 years or higher is affected. The unemployment rate in this group is 4–10 % higher in comparison to average.

eDigiStars aims to address both challenges. The project objective is to develop sustainable ecosystems which successfully turn older workers to the digital self-employed entrepreneurs. This is going to happen through development, pilot and assuring of sustainability of the eDigiStars innovative system. This system consists of 3 modules – POWERYOU to empower elderly for digital self-employment, CAMPUS to adjust the relevant digital skills courses to specific needs of Elderlies and LABEL to assure quality and build trust among SMEs towards the new workforce.

The Kick-off

The project starts with a virtual kick-off meeting. The project partners gathered to get on-board with the project details, its idea, main goals and outputs presented by Jan Kubalik, CEO of DEX Innovation Centre. Later on, they have been discussing the next steps regarding the first deliverables.

A short summary of all approved project is available under this link: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/uploads/media/default/0001/40/b127fcbe008fda3549ca72e790750b2e87de7d23.pdf

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