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Proposal Writing & Project Facilitation

Once the Project Idea is ready, we move to the next phases that run simultaneously. We write the project proposal and facilitate the project before its start.

1. Application Form

Application Form is the basis of each project. We prepare the project application timeline, fill and write all sections of your Application Form.

2. Project Partners

While taking into account your goals, we select the right partners for the project through Partner search and collect all contributions.

3. Project Content Development

DEXIC can Manage the development of Project content through iterations with the whole partnership.

4. Project Budget

We carefully calculate and propose the project budget and negotiate its details with all Project Partners.

5. Preparation and Quality control

Our team assure the full administrative preparation, collection of all needed administrative data and documents, as well as performs quality control.

6. Project Submission

We conduct the formal final check and submit the Application Form based on the requirements of the selected financial instrument.

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