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Research among patients with memory problems, their carers and healthcare professionals

31. 01. 2016

During January 2016, DEX Innovation Centre carried out successfully a research in Liberec and Prague among patients with memory problems, their carers and healthcare professionals. The research, undertaken via focus group and individual interviews, was carried our under the SMART4MD project

Results of the research will, in addition to findings from other european partners on this project, form development of an innovative tablet application directed specifically towards patients with memory problems and mild dementia. The application should not only reduce progression of the stage of patient to worse stages of dementia, but also to help with the burden of their carers. The development of a prototype of the application, which will go once more through a research feedback loop among patients, carers and healthcare professionals, is planned to be ready for summer of 2016. Then, from September 2016, the innovative SMART4MD application will be experimentally piloted for 2 years among czech and other european patients with mild cognitive impairement or mild dementia. 

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