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REshaping Central Europe IndUstry Sustainability through circular Economy models by 2030

The manufacturing industry in central Europe uses a lot of resources but recycles only 12%. To improve circularity, waste streams need to be better understood and new solutions developed. The REUSE2030 project analyses current waste streams and circular practices in the mechanical sector. This leads to a new digital circular inventory, which empowers mechanical companies to autonomously choose sustainable practices. The inventory is complemented by a newly developed zero carbon toolkit. Both tools are tested in companies and inform a new strategy with circular solutions to reduce the mechanical sector's waste streams.

What is REUSE2030?

REUSE2030 is a transnational cooperation project involving business support organizations, universities, chambers of commerce, competence centers, and development agencies from nine Central European countries. It aims to increase the adoption of circular economy principles within the mechanical sector. The project addresses disparities in circular economy facilities, services, and knowledge across different countries in the region.

What is project goal?

The project's goal is to introduce instruments and tools that facilitate the application of circular economy models in both the production and product phases of mechanical companies and SMEs. By doing so, REUSE2030 aims to reduce waste streams and enhance sustainability practices within the sector. This involves creating a Transnational Strategy, a Digital Circular Inventory, and a Zero Carbon Tool for environmental impact assessment and production optimization.

What is project objective?

The overall objective it to increase the adoption of circular economy principles by mechanical sector at CE level. The project introduces instruments and tools facilitating the application of circular  economy models by mechanical companies to both product and production processes to reduce the waste streams from mechanical sector at CE level.

For whom?

REUSE2030 targets mechanical companies and SMEs across Central Europe, particularly in Austria, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland. The project focuses on these businesses because they face significant challenges in waste management and the adoption of circular economy practices. The aim is to provide them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to implement sustainable solutions.

What to expect from the project?

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Petra Jalšovec Palacz
Project Manager of SMEnergy

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