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Seeking for dual partners for project HoCare2.0

23. 11. 2017

We are seeking for dual partners from any territory in Central Europe for the project proposal HoCare2.0 that is going to be submitted to the 3rd call of Interreg Central Europe.

The project will foster delivery and deployment of highly innovative, mostly ICT based, solutions for home care (health and social) based on needs of end users and their formal or informal caregivers.  As a result, the project will deliver systematic change in the territorial ecosystem by:

  • fostering of linkages among quadruple-helix actors in ecosystems;
  • advancing of the institutional knowledge of key actors, including public administration, in using of principles of quadruple-helix cooperation and open innovation;
  • implementing new highly innovative tools targeting public administration and SMEs to adapt principles of quadruple-helix co-creation and open innovation in both:  delivery (SMEs) and deployment (public administration) of innovative home care solutions.

Knowledge partner should:

  • Be representing territory (region or country), where home care services are addressed by RIS3.
  • Have well-developed access ways  to the actors of the home care ecosystem in their region.
  • Bring on board relevant Policy partner.
  • Bring the value added (in terms of specific expertise or experience) in the development of HoCare 2.0 tools.
  • Demonstrate the strong interest in the implementation of the project activities, the complementarity to current activities and interest in sustainable operation of HoCare Co-Creation Labs.

Policy partner should:

  • Be representing territory (region or country), where home care services are addressed by RIS3.
  • Have competence in the DESIGN of public home care (health or social) services.
  • Be interested in active participation in joint development of HoCare 2.0 innovative tools by providing the feedback and sharing specific experience related to design of public services in home care.
  • Be interested in the implementation of Pilots for the Co-creation of public home care services by involvement of elderly and their family members.
  • Be interested in the adoption of Co-creation concept for the design of home care services.

In case of interest, please write to: petra.misakova@dex-ic.com

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)


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