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SMEs have a unique chance to get support in product development

03. 08. 2020

The European population is ageing and pressure on carers is increasing. It brings the need to use innovative digital products widely used by seniors and carers. HoCare2.0 project offers SMEs to join pilot testing and get guidance in co-creation approach when developing their new products. Currently, there is an open call that SMEs can join for free. 

Did you know that by 2060, every third European will be older than 65 years? It makes the “Silver Economy” one of the fastest-growing economic domains. Because many solutions for the elderly are digital-based and not well accepted, there is a growing need to involve them in the product design process. This brings the opportunity for SMEs in fields of technology or healthcare. 

“We see info-communication technologies as useful tools to improve the home care – both for the carer and the senior”, says Vojtech Jira, DEX Innovation Centre. “Our primary goal in HoCare2.0 project was to develop an ecosystem in which we can closely work with quadruple helix actors. The quadruple helix refers to the involvement of the SMEs, Research organizations or the academia, Providers of public health or social services, Representatives of elderly care recipients and their family members”, adds Jira.

Benefits of working with the quadruple helix

The cooperation with representatives of quadruple helix brings many advantages. “SMEs get direct and easy access to their target group, as well as experts in desired fields. We cannot forget valuable feedback, or professional guidance and know-how of project partners”, says Vojtech Jira. 

The quadruple helix actors have defined six categories of needs that are the most important in the field of home care solutions. Those are:

  • Treatment-related needs
  • Activities of daily living
  • Self-sufficiency need
  • Social needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Information needs

Each category includes several very specific needs ready to be addressed.


Open Call for SMEs

We have recently opened a call for SMEs that are planning to develop and deploy a product related to home care. At the same time, they are looking for a solution to make the whole process easier. Their solution needs to reflect one of the defined needs mentioned above.

The open call is open until 30th September 2020 and we will select two companies that will participate in the project for free. Those two companies will then co-create with quadruple helix representatives under our guidance.

The ultimate goal is to deliver two Minimum Marketable Products and shorten time-to-market.

Find full info about the call here. 

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