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Students designed health home care product during the EIT Health Innovation Day in Prague

04. 11. 2019

EIT Health Innovation Day took place on Friday, November 1, in the premises of the Czech Technical University, CIIRC in Prague. Almost 40 visitors have attended the Health Innovation event where they learned how to develop and present an innovative product. And in the end, they designed different kinds of smart glasses for seniors.

The morning was dedicated to our four guests, whose presentations are available below this article. The first one was Tamás Békási, EIT Health, who introduced the concept of innovation days. "Today, there will be a few new ideas. And I hope some of them will be successful", said at the end of his speech.

Pavel Bartos, Happyend. agency, followed up with a lecture on design thinking. “I have experienced a lot of startups so obsessed with their product that they have forgotten their customers. In the end, they created a product of no interest. So ask people for their feedback, test features and always think about your customer”.

Agata Mazepus came from Brno where she works as a communication specialist at Kiwi.com - she gave at i-Days a short presentation on communication. “Every day, each of us presents our ideas and thoughts. But it is important to present them in the correct way. If you can't explain what you're doing in one sentence, think again and start over”.

Matej Buzgo, a co-founder of the startup InoCure, closed the morning. InoCure, thanks to their 3D cell culture membrane that enables faster, reliable and ethical preclinical drug testing. So they significantly reduce testing time for new drugs, save a lot of laboratory animals, but also money. Matej emphasized mainly the importance of personal contacts “If you are starting a business, network as much as possible. Don't be shy, because you never know which person will help you in a way you need”.

After the lunch, visitors formed teams to which the health challenge was presented. The challenge was, to design smart glasses that will make a life of seniors with mild cognitive decline easier. After more than four hours of work, five teams presented the results of their work to the jury. The most frequently mentioned functions included GPS, displaying reminders or voice assistant. The winning team agreed that the i-Days was a great experience that will help them in future. Moreover, they won a trip to Paris, where they will be able to further develop their idea. 

Michal Štefan, DEX Innovation Centre summarized the event as the organizer: “Students have fresh ideas, which has been confirmed today. As for the event itself, the one-day concept of the event proved to be successful. We believe that when we organize i-Days for the second time in a year, we will reach even more ambitious and energetic people ”.

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