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Target groups

At DEX Innovation Centre, we work with multiple target groups - public administration, startups, SMEs and universities and research centres.

STARTUPS - We accelerate ICT startups with the proved concept, minimum 2 team members, and in pre-seed, seed or series A funding stage through intensive 3-day BOOT CAMPs, 4-weeks ACCELERATORS and INDIVIDUAL MENTORING. Find more information in the Build section.

UNIVERSITIES AND RESEARCH CENTRES - We help conceptualize, write and manage international research and innovation projects. We connect local, regional and national research actors to European counterparts for relevant related research and projects. 

PUBLIC AUTHORITIES - We bring international projects dealing with local, regional and national challenges and support the international exchange of experience among public authorities and other actors. We organize discussions forums and take part in various platforms. We initiate various infrastructure support projects.

STUDENTS AND TECHNOLOGICAL ENTHUSIASTS - We educate students by mentoring them and increasing their business, entrepreneurship or digital skills.

OTHER - We work with mentors, couches, other research, innovation, development and technology centres and ecosystems supporters and also other end-users such as students, patients and their family members, general public, etc. 

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