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The ultimate springboard for your innovation journey is EIT Jumpstarter!

14. 03. 2023

You have a brilliant idea that can make a difference in the world. You have a passion for solving problems and creating value. You have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and building your own business. But you also have some challenges. You don’t know how to validate your idea, develop your product, find your customers, pitch your solution or raise funds. You don’t have enough resources, connections or support to make it happen.

That’s where EIT Jumpstarter comes in! EIT Jumpstarter is not just another programme for early-stage innovators. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from the best, connect with the brightest and grow with the fastest in Europe.

EIT Jumpstarter is powered by EIT Communities, which are innovation ecosystems that bring together leading organisations from business, education and research in different fields such as health, food, manufacturing, raw materials, urban mobility and energy.

EIT Jumpstarter offers you a six-month training programme that covers everything you need to know to turn your idea into a successful business. You will learn how to design your business model, validate your customer needs, develop your product features, pitch your value proposition and raise funds for your venture.

You will also receive coaching and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and experts from EIT Communities. At the end of the programme, you will have the chance to showcase your idea at regional finals and compete for prizes up to €10,000 at the grand final. The winners will also get access to further support from EIT Communities such as incubation programmes, acceleration services or funding opportunities!

This year, EIT Jumpstarter now have nine categories: Health (EIT Health), Food (EIT Food), Manufacturing (EIT Manufacturing), Raw Materials (EIT Raw Materials), Urban Mobility (EIT Urban Mobility), Energy (EIT InnoEnergy), New European Bauhaus (NEB), Rebuild Ukraine (RBU) and Digital (DIG)

Read about the winners of each category for the last 2 years

Wrest – Health category – finalist – 2022:

We created Wrest - smart mouse pad, that can detect, treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Using our software and hardware we can determine which employees are at high risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. With a smart mouse pad, we can reduce this risk and help to prevent the condition. Wrest can pinpoint the exact time when the user should exercise their wrist, with a simple routine that takes only 2 minutes.


Nano-Pure-Precision – Raw Materials category – 1st prize winner – 2021:

The core idea is on fabricating and commercializing metal nanoparticles with a clean surface to remove heavy metals from wastewater. Unlike available commercial options, our laser-based methodology enables the design of neat metal nanoparticles with superior performance to reduce and posterior remove toxic heavy metals commonly found in many vital industries' wastewater.

Levare Formulations – Health catgeory – finalist – 2021:

We encapsulate poorly-water soluble active compounds into high-quality beta glucan particles (GPs), which are obtained from natural source (baker’s yeast). 

The active compounds are encapsulated in amorphous form, significantly improving their dissolution kinetics. By increasing solubility and dissolution rate, our solution seeks to improve bioavailability and therapeutic outcomes.

RoboTwin – Manufacturing category – 1st prize winner – 2021:

RoboTwin is a novel approach to the automation of manufacturing processes based on motion tracking and imitation. It is a set of hardware and software that uses a worker’s know-how to program a robot. While the worker performs the operation, RoboTwin records the motion of his hand, post-processes the data and generates a control program for the robot automatically. The worker performs the operation once, the robot imitates the motion and finishes the rest in the series. No professional robot programmer is needed.


The programme is open for applications until 15 April 2023. So hurry up and apply! All you need is an innovative idea that fits one of the categories and to form a team of at least two people. If you are ready to take your innovation journey to the next level or want to find out more about it, visit https://eitjumpstarter.eu/ or contact us!



Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Apply now and join EIT Jumpstarter - the ultimate springboard for your innovation journey!

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