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VR Meets Healthcare

Are VR/AR your topics? Are you looking for innovation in healthcare? Do you have something to say about modern education? 

Let's talk about VR/AR in Healthcare. We will show you some good tips and we will see practice and research samples from Czechia, Poland, Hungary and Portugal universities.


The event will be including:

  • Workshops for students or public participants
  • Technology presentation
  • Project outcomes presentation
  • Industry partners to be presenting - VR/AR Startups and companies

Join us for an enlightening conference that brings together the forefront of virtual reality technology and healthcare innovation. Whether you are a professional from the medical sector, a VR enthusiast, or simply passionate about cutting-edge technologies that can transform our health and well-being, this event is for you!

Delve into a day filled with insightful presentations, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities with pioneers and experts. Learn how VR is not just a tool for entertainment, but a revolutionary approach in treating, training, and enhancing patient care.

Come and see how virtual reality is shaping the future of healthcare. Discover, engage, and be inspired!

Any Questions?

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