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The winning team from local i-Days in Prague went to Paris!

18. 12. 2019

On November 1st, we organized local EIT Health Innovation Day in Prague. Students have been given the task to design smart glasses for seniors with mild cognitive impairment. The winning team consisting of three young women did an excellent job! They won a trip to Paris to the Winners Event where they had a chance to further work on their idea.

EIT Health Innovation Day took place on Friday, November 1, in the premises of the Czech Technical University, CIIRC in Prague. Almost 40 visitors have attended the Health Innovation event where they learned how to develop and present an innovative product. And many of them designed different kinds of smart glasses in the afternoon. Teams pitched their ideas to a panel of experts, who use standardised scoring criteria to award prizes to the best teams.

The i-Days are conceived as the first step for students on the health innovation pathway. These special events have already encouraged hundreds of students across Europe to begin their journey with innovations,” said Mónika Tóth, EIT Health InnoStars Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Programme Manager.

The winning team was invited to attend a Winners Event in Paris that took place on the 1st December. They met peers from all participating i-Day universities. At this event, students were given support and resources to further develop their ideas, and they also received more training in innovation methodology. "In Paris, we had a chance to get more involved with similarly focused people", says the teamThey introduced smart glasses connected to an online platform. Their product is interesting because most of the teams were focusing on health problems. Czech team, however, focused on the problem from health AND social perspective. 

The glasses have three main features: 

  1. social connectivity - connection of glasses with the platform allows seniors to see notifications, or supports social interaction.
  2. safe transportation - thanks to GPS module, you don't need to worry about your relative getting lost; smart road assistant secures their safe way home.
  3. hobbies - interface allows seniors to maintain seniors' activities due to the visual projection of instructions.

According to the winning team, one of two main reasons to attend i-Days or similar events is the contacts. People are very friendly and there is nothing to be scared of. The second reason is the main prize - you go to Paris, where you meet inspirational people, widen your knowledge and get your ideas on the right track.

Looking forward to meeting some of you next year!

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