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Report on phase 1 of user-centric research of the project SMART4MD for people with mild dementia

Project SMART4MD has successfully finished the first phase of user-centric research that included interviews with healthcare professionals and focus groups with people with memory/mild dementia problems and their carers.

Startup Europe Week in Liberec, CZ, revealed valuable tips for starting entrepreneurs and starts-ups!

On 2nd February 2016, an event „Startup Europe Week“ took place in Liberec. Liberec, as well as Prague and Brno, became one of three Czech cities which was given the opportunity to organize this European initiative for start-up businesses. This event was held in the same week in more than 220 cities from 40 European countries.


First 10 story interviews with unemployed people 50+ age.

In January 2016, DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC) organized 10 individual interviews with unemployed people in age over 50 years. The interviews were organized in frame of „Raising Strong and Resilient Communities“ („RS&RC“) project.

Research among patients with memory problems, their carers and healthcare professionals

During January 2016, DEX Innovation Centre carried out successfully a research in Liberec and Prague among patients with memory problems, their carers and healthcare professionals. The research, undertaken via focus group and individual interviews, was carried our under the SMART4MD project

Startup Europe Week in Liberec 2. 2. 2016

In the 1st  week of February, more than 40 countries and 220 cities around Europe will host Startup Europe Week. Guess which one of those 220 takes part as well?  It is the city of Liberec, of course! DEX IC is proud to be the organizer and the local ambassador of this event in our city.

Our Christmas gift in 2015 goes to REVA o.p.s.

Our Christmas gift, as part of our 2015 CSR activities, goes to REVA o.p.s. (http://www.reva-lbc.org/) Older people in need of assistance should be supported preferably in their home environment whenever possible! Well done for your work and good luck into the future for the organization and all assistants! The DEX Innovation Centre team!