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7 video pitches from 4DigitalHealth and DEXIC Accelerator startups now available!

08. 01. 2021

This year's batch of DEXIC Accelerator was highly specific. Together with 4DigitalHealth programme, we have been focusing on the field of digital health. After 6 weeks of hard work of all startups, mentors and our team, we come to the grand finale - The #DemoDay! 

The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all with the majority of events and programmes turning online from one day to another.

Get ready for a non-traditional, unique and innovative DemoDay - no long introductions, no long keynote speeches, no Q&A. Check out the 5 minutes-long intro to get familiar with the concept. 
Watch detailed pitches of 7 great digital health startups in less than 40 minutes! Each of them has the ambitions to achieve global success in healthcare innovations. Now... What are you waiting for? Let's watch! 

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