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Our competences:

E-health and m-health is currently a wide and growing area and our expertise and focus is concentrated on:

  • Predictive and preventive medicine

  • E-Solutions and concepts for Assisted Ambient Living

  • E-Solutions and concepts supporting Care Recipients in the Home Care


Our competences in above-mentioned areas are:

UCD - User Centered Design

As target groups of e-health services are often elderly people or people with lower enthusiasm about E-solutions, UCD is a crucial method during the product design phase. It helps to design a product, which will be more likely accepted by target groups on the market. The success rate of e-health products, using a carefully designed UCD approach, is more than 30% higher in comparison to those designed without a UCD (according to our own data).

UAT - User Acceptance Testing

User Centered Design (UCD) supports the success of e-health solutions during the design phase, however, the UAT is a valuable tool to be applied in the pre-commercial phase, to get feedback about the usability of developed product. It is generally usable regardless of whether the UCD was applied or not. We strongly recommend performing UAT in case the product was designed towards a lower engagement of end users.

Process Analysis

Process analysis plays a crucial role during the design phase of e-health solutions. It is especially important for solutions targeting multi-user groups, which happens often in the health industry (i.e. Elderly Care Recipients, Informal Caregivers, Formal Caregivers, and Health Insurance Companies). Successful deployment also depends on the speed of customisation in different national environments, which remains an issue, especially in the EU, where the health systems are different across the member states. Our approach assures the development of optimised, scalable and customisable process maps with related functional specification for future implementation.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are crucial for e-health innovative solutions in order to test functionality in real scenarios and to validate results and obtain certification. Thanks to our access to hospitals and medical research facilities in Czech Republic and around Europe we can provide support with clinical trials for e-health solutions from TRL 6 up, including multi-clinical multinational trials. The process follows the latest EU legislation about clinical trials and national legislation of involved countries.

Deployment of e-solutions at the market

A high level of market fragmentation in the EU doesn’t allow simple and immediate deployment of e-health solutions across the 28 EU member states. Additionally, solutions need to be supported locally during pre-sales, sales and customer support phases. Our team is ready to provide a full service of national exclusive representation in the Czech and Slovak republics with possible extensions to other Central European countries.

References and projects:

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