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EIT Health Educational programmes for students

EIT Health educational programmes, in general, are to not only educate students to get knowledge but also to know what to do and how to solve real-life problems, all framed within an entrepreneurial mindset.

EIT Health programmes are unique offerings that give you the opportunity to learn new skills, connect with a vast network of experts, access new markets and finance, and more. Many of them run on the European level, however, some of them are implemented by us, DEX Innovation Centre, on the local scale.

The programmes

Innovation Days

Multidisciplinary team challenge from the field of healthcare for students and startups

Hello AI

Online AI training program introducing participants to the basics of Artificial Intelligence.

Summer schools

2-3 week-long programmes teaching how to succeed as entrepreneurs in healthcare.

Other programmes

Find out more about the rest of EIT Health's educational programmes.

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