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EIT Health Innovation Day

Are you interested in innovations?

Are you thinking about working on your own product and running a startup?

Do you want to build your contact network and learn new skills?

What do you get

What to expect from the programme

Introduction to the design thinking process that will help you prepare design concepts.

Training to improve your presentation skills, tips & tricks on how to engage your audience. 

Teamwork with people with different backgrounds on specific healthcare challenge while using the knowledge of design thinking. 

Pitch your idea for the expert jury. Persuade them that your solution is the right one. 

"i-Days are a great opportunity for students who want to innovate in healthcare. Its advantage is the opportunity of working in a multidisciplinary team on a given challenge using newly acquired skills in design thinking, business modelling and presentation techniques. I use them to this day. Thanks to i-Days, I received materials to complete my bachelor's thesis on the creation of an electronic system for monitoring vaccinated children. The win took us to Paris where we could finish our idea and compete with teams from prestigious universities such as the University of Copenhagen or the University of Oxford, was just the icing on the cake."

Jana Prauseova, Member of the winning team at i-Day 2019 in Prague

Applications opened until 4th November 2021, 23:59!

If you are a student, select the ticket type "Czech Republic - DEX IC".

In case you want to participate and you are not a student, select the ticket type "i-Days - CONTRIBUTORS"

Experience the Atmosphere & Learn more about i-Days

Whom you will meet?

You will meet some of the mentors most relevant to you. Let's introduce them.

Michal Štefan

Michal is the head of implementation & communication at DEX Innovation Centre. He loves innovations and will lead you through teamwork in the afternoon & help when you get stuck.

Be 100% sure that you could use Michal's creativity,  strategical thinking and innovation-based approach the same, as 60+ teams in the past DEX IC programmes!

Lukáš Hrdlička

Lukáš is a presentation specialist, international coach and TEDx speaker. He helps companies and individuals improve their communication using his own training platform "Presenation".

Lukáš will be leading the communication workshop - he will introduce you to the do's and don'ts and give tips on how to give the best presentation!

More speakers to be added

Your guide

Vojtech Jira, DEX Innovation Centre

Organizer of i-Day in Czechia

Strategic partner

About EIT Health

EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU. They collaborate across borders to deliver new solutions that can enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives.

As Europeans tackle the challenge of increasing chronic diseases and multi-morbidity and seek to realise the opportunities that technology offers to move beyond conventional approaches to treatment, prevention and healthy lifestyles, we need thought leaders, innovators and efficient ways to bring innovative healthcare solutions to market. EIT Health addresses these needs.

EIT Health connects all relevant healthcare players across European borders – making sure to include all sides of the “knowledge triangle” so that innovation can happen at the intersection of research, education and business for the benefit of citizens.

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