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HoCare impacted home care R&I potential in EU and the Czech Republic

18. 03. 2020
The international project HoCare, which idea and financing came thanks to DEX Innovation Centre, has impacted research and innovation potential in home care both on transnational as well as local levels, including the Czech Republic.

On the transnational level, we identified 32 good practices of home care research and innovation projects or Operational Programme strategic focus or management practices across 8 countries including the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Madeira, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. We also mapped national R&I ecosystems actors, activities and project and developed 3 Joint Thematic Studies (for all stakeholders) - each focused on a different approach to how the innovation is generated - and 3 Policy Transfer Reports (for Operational Programme managing bodies). We organized 3 large international workshops and 1 big international high-level policy event in Cyprus at the end of the project.

In the Czech Republic (but also in other 7 countries), we created stakeholder groups who discussed and improved our analyses and who jointly suggested improvements to the Operational Programmes - in the Czech Republic for OPPIK programme. Through following our Action Plan aiming at improving evaluation procedures of selected OPPIK calls and creation of technology platform from engaged stakeholders, 12 OPPIK programme calls have been impacted by the approved change giving further support and motivation for evaluation elimination or bonus points for project positively impacting health. The affected changes included programmes such as Potential, Innovation, Proof of concept, Cooperation and Application. Despite the fact of missing opportunity to create technology platform around Social Life Sciences Platform (due to change of management in relevant stakeholder) and missed opened call for Technology platform, stakeholder group is still engaged to create a common technology platform project and welcome new interested participants as they remained active throghout the whole project and are also now for a follow-up project HoCare 2.0.

The impacted programmes and calls on side of OPPIK include:

Proof of concept – Výzva I (7,8 mil EUR) - 01_17_220

Proof of concept – Výzva II (7,8 mil EUR) - 01_18_214, 01_18_293

Proof of concept – Výzva III (7,4 mil EUR) - 01_19_265,01_19_337

Inovace – Výzva V (105,3 mil EUR) - 01_17_170

Inovace – Výzva VII (110 mil EUR) - 01_19_261

Potenciál – Výzva V (50,7 mil EUR) - 01_17_165

Potenciál – Výzva VI (37 mil EUR) - 01_19_297

Aplikace – Výzva VI (62,4 mil EUR) - 01_17_175, 01_17_176

Aplikace – Výzva VII (110 mil EUR) - 01_19_262

Spolupráce - Klastry – Výzva V (11,7 mil EUR) - 01_18_212, 01_18_228, 01_18_229, 01_18_230

Spolupráce – Klastry – Výzva VI (9,2 mil EUR ) - 01_19_263; 01_19_313; 01_19_314; 01_19_315

Spolupráce – Technologické platformy – Výzva III (3 mil EUR) - 01_17_105


We would like to thank both MPO and our stakeholders for their inputs and cooperation on this interesting project that will continue through the HoCare 2.0 project but also the interest of stakeholders to form a collaborative platform for supporting new home care related research and innovation projects.

More information about the HoCare project and all outputs on https://www.interregeurope.eu/hocare/ and http://dex-ic.com/hocare_en

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).

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