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What are the current new products and innovation in professional social care?

29. 03. 2022

HoCare 2.0, HoCare extension and DEX IC connects experts from the branch of social works who lead, care about and bring innovation. Below you can read the story from the meeting of these professionals. 

On 22 March 2022, an event entitled Innovation in Health and Social Care took place at the Just Home Centre in Prague. Its aim is to introduce and connect practitioners, representatives of caregivers and home care providers whose common interest is to introduce innovative solutions and projects linking modern technology with health and social care into practice through a unique meeting. 

The event was organised by DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC). As a private innovation hub focused on research and projects in healthcare, DEX IC has been supporting innovation and its active creators for more than 10 years.


We asked the organiser Vojtěch Jíra, Project Manager at DEX IC, about the programme of the unique meeting and the introduction of the so-called "pilots".



For whom did you prepare the event?

For everyone who is interested in innovations in healthcare, looking for new partnerships, want to get inspired, expand their product or service portfolio or just present their research or development project.

Who could you meet at the event?

Practitioners, specifically representatives of caregivers and home care providers, representatives of innovative companies and start-ups, as well as scientists and innovators from universities. For the last one it was Tomas Sivicek (UJEP) or Lenka Lhotska (CIRC CTU).

What have you prepared for the participants of the event?

Our task was to introduce all the experts to each other - from providers, companies and social care researchers. We presented them strategies, innovations and possibilities of using modern technologies in health and social care and got very factual and effective feedback with examples, which will allow us to adapt procedures and new products.

What specific projects and products have you presented?

We presented the major European projects EIT health and D-Care. A very important point of the programme was also the pilot innovative products from the care sector: from Mediware, which provides patient telemonitoring, the Oscar Senior app - which thanks to the project gets voice control, and the so-called Social Ambulance from the Institute of Social Services in Prague 4 - USSP4. And the key was the joint discussion. The companies received feedback on the products and services presented. Experts shared experiences of good practice in home care and also talked about barriers in health and social services and suggested important steps to address them (poor prescribing practices of doctors for home care, access to health information).

What are your next plans?

Innovation in health and social care is our main theme. We will promote modern technology, digital solutions and/or the use of virtual reality in the treatment and care of patients and the long-term sick. A certain surprise was the assessment of the time in the pandemic. We agreed in plenary that it was Covid-19 that kick-started new opportunities and accelerated the shift of health and social care towards digital solutions.

Thank you for interview.


Health and social care innovators meeting

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