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PPI2Innovate Tools are under development

01. 12. 2016

In the framework of the project PPI2Innovate, 3 general thematic PPI2Innovate Tools for SMART Health, SMART Energy and SMART ICT are going to be developed.

Currently there already exist different Toolkits developed on the EU level, however they are rather general as they don’t reflect the national specifics. PPI2Innovate is going to build on existing knowledge and deliver translated and completely customized thematic Tools into 6 national institutional frameworks. The Tools are going to be available in Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian languages, while each of them is going to consider national legal frameworks

Tools will provide a step-by-step guidance, with practical examples, on how to design the PPI projects, focusing on three most important points:

  1. Definition of the need and the need analysis
  2. Market research + consultation
  3. Contracting – the most crucial aspect


The draft document of general PPI2Innovate Tool was prepared by University of Torino based on inputs from all partners and presented during the 1st Project Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

During the project meeting in Ljubljana, a Joint development and mutual learning workshop was held, where partners and participating Associated Strategic Partners discussed about potential improvements of Tools considering their national specifics.

Developed PPI2Innovate tools will be used by the city of Lublin (Poland), Somogy County (Hungary), Piedmont region (Italy) and Ministry of Public Administration (Slovenia) for the implementation of PPI2Innovate Pilots in order to test the developed concept. 

In case of any questions related to PPI2Innovate project, please don´t hesitate to contact Project Communication Manager, Petra Cisarova, petra.cisarova@dex-ic.com.

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