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How to apply PPI and where to get informed?

10. 01. 2019

On Friday, 11th of January 2019, DEX Innovation Centre has been presenting created SMART PPI Tools in Technology Centre of the CAS in Prague. Over 40 visitors from public institutions attended the presentation and following panel discussion. We have successfully raised awareness about the project PPI2Innovate, differences between PPI and PcP, examples of good practice and benefits of PPI for representatives of public authorities. We also announced that DEX Innovation Centre will be a Competence Centre for PPI in the Czech Republic.

After a short welcome speech, given by Vojtech Jira and Dominika Bucova (DEX IC), Martin Januška (DEX IC) introduced project PPI2Innovate and SMART PPI Tools. The tools are available in Czech language and their purpose is to help public procurers with PPI. Shortly after, Libuše Podolová (CEJIZA) shared with visitors two examples of good practice from a hospital in Sucha Beskidzka, Poland and from the Czech Republic.

Moreover, Vedran Bostandžič (SIC), introduced another project related to PPI – RI2Integrate. This project realizes several PPI pilot tests and in the Czech Republic targets the installation of fast broadband internet in small municipalities via advanced and developed information and communication system.

During the final moderated discussion, several interesting ideas and the main problems of wider implementation of PPI contracts were heard. Among the points discussed were the need for higher quality assessment, the lengthy dealings with larger businesses, the problem of declassing solutions within the innovative PPI solution and procurers' understanding that procurement through PPI is entirely different than through ordinary public contracts.

DEX Innovation Centre will be a Competence Centre for PPI in the Czech Republic. Thus, our main objectives will be mainly:

a) improve knowledge of employees of public procures in PPI

b) support them in the usage of PPI, particularly SMART PPI Tools for Health, ICT and Energy

c) influence attitude and positive change behaviour of public procurer in order to boost PPI usage in CE

d) strengthen linkages among procurers, research institutions or other relevant actors from innovation systems.

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)

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