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Start using InnoSchool!

25. 01. 2022

InnoSchool is in the finals, we are nearing the end, but this is the right start for all those interested and innovative elements of teaching - the program is ready and you can use it for free at your school!

The InnoSchool project, thanks to which an innovative educational system combining the online game and classical teaching was created, is successfully slowly coming to an end! This means that this is the ideal time to start with it in your high school, as it is completely ready for use in schools. For all those who would like to participate in the project, or just learn about it first, we have prepared a report on the entire process of establishing and piloting our education system. See the attached document for details.


Interested in starting to use InnoSchool?
Contact the project manager: vojtech.jira@dex-ic.com


Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)

Impact report on CZE Pilotpdf1.50 MB

Summary of the impact on the deployment of the InnoSchool education system in the Czech Republic, including the entire process of development and deployment in schools.

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