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Which challenges does the project TalentMagnet target?

Small and medium-size towns are losing many young, educated, talented people, who leave for bigger cities, the capital city or abroad. This project intends to address these challenges, to improve and create new instruments and tools to attract and retain talented people. In the Czech Republic, the project targets the Liberec region.


For whom TalentMagnet is?


Which objectives has the project TalentMagnet?

The project´s main objective is to reduce the outmigration of highly educated people. That will have an effect on the whole region, will increase the number of skilled workforce, level of entrepreneurship and innovations, bring high-tech companies who will have opportunities for highly qualified employees.


What are the expected outputs of the project?

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TalentMagnet project is co-funded by the European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).