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Which challenges does the project eDigiStars target?

eDigiStars project wants to face the challenges of the ageing population and their difficulties with employability. The project is based on real professional cooperation of labour offices, training organizations, local government and NGOs to create functional tools and trainings with certification for unemployed people 50+.


For whom eDigiStars is?

What are the objectives of eDigiStars project?

The project´s main objective is to help create and develop a sustainable ecosystem with skilled employees or self-employed entrepreneurs from the group of 50+ to be that can provide services in the digital field.


What are the main outputs of the project?

Do you have any questions?

Ask Adam,

The first video of eDigiStars stories from our Hungarian project partners Innoskart presents the situation in Hungary, the importance of digital training and the utilization of the potential of the workforce 50+.  

eDigiStars Brochurepdf5.09 MB

Learn more about our project and further steps in our Brochure

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Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA II, ENI).

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