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How to collaborate effectively in the health innovation ecosystem: Join the spring edition of EIT Morning Health Talk

23. 05. 2023

Collaboration is the key to success in the health innovation ecosystem. But how do you establish and maintain strong relationships with different stakeholders, especially healthcare providers? How do you overcome the challenges and barriers that may arise in the process of collaborative innovation in healthcare? And how do you leverage the opportunities and benefits that come from working together towards a common goal?

If you want to find out the answers to these questions, you should attend the EIT Morning Health Talk on 21. 6. 2023 at the EIT Health Hub in Prague. This event is designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical tips on relationship development and management in the health innovation ecosystem. You will hear from experts and practitioners who have successfully collaborated with different partners in healthcare innovation projects.

You will also get the chance to network with other health innovation enthusiasts and professionals and discover the latest trends and developments in this field. This is a unique opportunity to connect with the EIT Health community and learn how to enhance your collaboration skills in healthcare innovation.

Discover more details about this event and the past editions.

1144 participants, 87 stories, 27 local events

The story of Morning Health Talks began in 2019 in Budapest, where it was launched as a high-level business breakfast event to promote EIT Health RIS among key decision-makers in these countries. Since then, the initiative has expanded to other EIT Health RIS countries and has focused on addressing specific healthcare challenges and exploring potential solutions in each local context. In 2022, the initiative tackled two important topics: hospital engagement in innovation and digital health applications DiGA. The local events were complemented by international opening events that brought together experts and stakeholders from different countries. The outcome of these talks was the publication of the report “Towards harmonised EU landscape for Digital Health”, which mapped the national digital health ecosystems and identified the current capabilities for introducing a shared European approach to DTx - Digital Therapeutics.

Not just in Prague

EIT Morning Health Talk is a series of events that take place in more than 13 regions across Europe, where key opinion leaders, policymakers, public institutions, innovators, start-up leaders and founders, investors and healthcare professionals come together to discuss some of the most pressing healthcare challenges faced by European systems, such as:

  • Healthcare system transformation,
  • AI in healthcare,
  • Value-Based Healthcare,
  • Data donation,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • and hospital engagement.

Discover more details about this event and the past editions.

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