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EIT Health Morning Health Talks

The aim of EIT Health Morning Health Talks is to inspire local healthcare innovation ecosystems through sharing valuable information about the tendencies of health innovations and strengthen communication, networking, and activities of the local key ecosystem stakeholders.

Past events

Commercialization of innovations in hospitals - 22.11.2023 (physical event)

In the autumn edition of the EIT Health Morning Health Talks in Prague, with the participation of 45 representatives from hospitals, public institutions, healthcare companies, and startups, discussions this year focused on the integration of research and practice, intellectual property protection, and the search for financial resources. Foreign guests introduced the innovation support system in the British NHS environment. Czech institutions, including the Faculty Hospital Hradec Králové and Charles University, presented successes, challenges, and obstacles in the commercialization process.

Relationship development & management – Effective Collaboration in the Health Innovation Ecosystem - 21. 6. 2023 (physical event)

This spring edition event focused on the topic of relationship development and management, specifically the importance of effective collaboration in the health innovation ecosystem. The event explored the concept of collaborative innovation in healthcare, with a particular focus on healthcare providers. EIT Morning Health Talk is designed to provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for individuals and organizations involved in the health innovation ecosystem, including healthcare providers, researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals.

Hospital engagement to healthcare innovations - 8.11.2022 (physical event)

The event presented key learnings from abroad on hospital engagement to healthcare innovations and will bring together czech representatives from hospitals, doctors, public institutions, researchers, startup support organisations and startups to discuss hospital engagement in healthcare innovation via panel discussion (first half) and round table with all (second half).

Watch the video about this event on the right.

Hospitals as breeding ground for innovation (EU plenary session) - 20.9.2022 (virtual event)

The event brought inspiration from Israel, Estonia and Spain on creating innovations inside of hospitals.

See a a recording of this event on the right.

Digital Health: reimbursement, healthcare economics savings and support for medical professionals - 23.6.2022 (physical event)

The event brought panel discussion on the potential transfer of the german DiGA system for reimbursement of digital health applications and devices to the Czech Republic. In a follow up round table discussion, we moved into sharing perspectives and actionable points regarding 2 subtopics: i) healthcare economics savings via digital health, and ii) digital health applications and devices focused on doctors. 

See a summary of the event in the video recording available right.

DIGA - Digital apps in healthcare - an overview from EU countries (EU plenary session) - 12.4.2022 (virtual event)

The event provided valuable insights into the possible pathways of digital therapeutics as part of national healthcare services. Topics included Creating Pathways for digital health in the countries of Central-Eastern and Southern Europe (starting at 8:55), DiGA Fast Track – EU Update presented by Henrik Matthies, Former Managing Director of the Health Innovation Hub of the Federal Ministry of Health, Germany, Serial entrepreneur, now founder of Honic (starting at 15:46), Taskforce dedicated to the harmonization of criteria and methodologies for evaluating digital medical devices in Europe (starting at 31:18), and The role of early-phase technology assessment in maximising the value of digital health technologies (starting at 1:03:27)

Find out in the video recording available right.

How to innovate the healthcare ecosystem in the Czech Republic - case studies of implemented digital innovations in Europe across hospitals, industry and doctors - 23.6.2021 (virtual event)

Numerous examples of digitalization of healthcare have been implemented or planned in Europe in past years, ranging from digital health identity cards and smart hospitals to workflow improvements and collaboration among hospitals, corporations, and startups. 

Let us have a look at a few selected examples across Europe and discuss how the healthcare ecosystem in the Czech Republic might be innovated. 

Find out in the video recording available right.

People-oriented digitization of healthcare - lessons learned from the USA and Portugal - 18.6.2021 (virtual event)

Digitalization of healthcare can be carried out through different approaches. A top-down, centralized, major investment-backed activities that will enforce and support all relevant actors to digitalize in a short period of time. Or through bottom-up initiatives that go slower based on the needs of patients, doctors, and other healthcare stakeholders.

Which one is better and what learnings can we take from other countries´ healthcare digitalization experience, such as the USA and Portugal? And what implications does the digitalization of healthcare have for patients, creators and providers of health or other data?

Find out in the video recording available right.

Future of digital health and telemedicine - 25.9.2020 (hybrid event)

There has been rapid growth in a new sector in recent years: medical and health technology products, such as software or digital diagnostic tools. Innovators and other stakeholders developing digital health and telemedicine products often face difficulties in achieving widespread adoption, due to local procurement barriers or other infrastructural challenges. 

So what is the future of digital health and telemedicine in the world (Israel and Estonia) and the Czech Republic? And how can these innovations impact health economics and the adoption of these innovations among stakeholders?

Find out in the video recording available right.

Speakers involved

Tomáš Vavrečka

Country Manager at Philips Health Systems; Member of the Board of Directors CZ

Czech Republic

Teun Schutte

Managing Consultant & Digital Strategist at Mobiquity Europe Inc


Ioana Stupariu

Senior Manager & Compliance Officer, Healcloud


Sofia Couto da Rocha

Chief Transformation Officer, Lusíadas Saúde


Josef Dvořák

Partner at Direct People

Czech Republic

Priit Kruus

CEO & Co-founder of Dermtest


Yoav Fisher

Head Of Technological Innovation and Digital Health HealthIL


Tomáš Doležal, MD, PhD

CKO at Medevio, iHETA

Czech Republic

Ing. Jiří Pavlíček

CEO at Aspironix

Czech Republic

Ing. Petr Raška, MHA

Head of IT department at IKEM

Czech Republic

MUDr. Jan Wolf, MBA

Head of the Department of Medical Devices and Price and Reimbursement Regulation, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic

RNDr. Jiří Schlanger

Consultant in Health and Social care

Czech Republic

Jan Šomvársky

CEO at Vitadio

Czech Republic

Contact person

White paper on Digital Health: Trends and desirable progress in the emerging regionspdf6.55 MB

The white paper suggests the following recommendations: i) Providing programmes and financing for digital skills training focused on data analysis, AI and implementation of real-world data standards into practice., ii) Broader introduction of digital health solutions in sparsely populated regions and hospitals to reduce health inequalities and costs related to an ageing population and post-Covid debt., iii) Regulation for innovation: EU member states must introduce socially responsible and reliable legislative initiatives to boost digital health solutions development., and iv) Developing disruptive digital health solutions requires access to historical and real-world data to provide a testing environment for ML, DL, and AI., technologies.

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