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eDigiStars’ good practice video

Partners of the eDigiStars project using joined strength created a final video showing good practices from 8 different territories. We proudly represent to you the result of our work.



eDigiStars ’Future – Sustainability of the project

Two megatrends are converging exponentially and on a global scale: technological advancement and population ageing. This phenomenon presages considerable changes in the socioeconomic landscape and cross-sectoral business models. 
eDigiStars project came to offer an innovative system that answers the challenges of both megatrends in an inspiring and easy-to-transfer way.

Jobseekers over the age of 50 have acquired a digital skills

DEX Innovation Centre and eDigiStars project focus on unemployed 50 people with a lack of digital skills. And this was important for the project's pilot phase.

Helping unemployed elderlies is important for us!

The DEX Innovation Centre was part of the second infoday where we sought answers for the needs of people, aged 50+ in Danube macro-region. Тhe participants, gathered in zoom meeting, learned more about the innovative eDigiStars system, built on three modules - POWER YOU, CAMPUS, and LABEL.

DEX IC is presenting you the new eDigiStars modules.

The DEX Innovation Centre was helping to create three new Tools for the eDigiStars project. We bring you POWERYOU, CAMPUS and LABEL modules, that are useful in helping 50+ people to be employable.

First infoday - eDigiStars innovative system

The DEX Innovation Centre was part of the second infoday. Тhe participants, gathered mostly in zoom meeting, learned more about the innovative eDigiStars system.

Project eDigiStars was approved for funding

The Danube Transnational Programme approved in a total of 35 new projects from the third call for proposals. About €60 million will be distributed from the ERDF, IPA and ENI funds. The main aim of the 3rd call is to foster transnational cooperation and support policy integration at the regional level. DEX Innovation Centre is the author of one approved project - eDigiStars.

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