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We know the winner of the Business Talent competition!

Eight creative workshop days in the open iQFABLAB and almost two hundred boys and girls from the Liberec region. Eight great projects. Two weeks of tension, which team gets the most votes from the public and waiting until the last minute for a summary of the expert jury. That was the Business Talent competition of 2021.

Main findings in the baseline study

In the TalentMagnet project we prepared study and a good practice catalogue to attract and retent talents in the region.

Local stakeholders need to join forces to attract and retain young talents

What are the factors young talent find essential in a talent-friendly city? What can local stakeholders do to attract and retain young talents? Representatives of young generations tend to move to bigger cities because of promising job opportunities and a vivid lifestyle. However, they usually have a strong emotional bond with their hometowns. Small and medium-sized cities of the Danube Region can build on this emotional attachment and capitalize on the positive characteristics of cities to magnetize talents back when they are about to settle down. 

Good practice catalogue is being presented by DEX IC

Good Practice Catalogue Includes results of related research, definitions of key terms, activities being done by various cities in this field across Europe, and documented best practices from the knowledge providers. Catalogue also capitalises the results of three projects with similar topic (EDU LAB, Youmming, Attractive DANUBE). It also contains the material to support stakeholder engagement, dissemination and policy work.