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Which challenges does the project 4STEPS target?

SMEs in the target regions are lagging behind in the adoption of innovative tools and solutions proposed by I4.0 (Industry 4.0) revolution and need to increase transnational collaboration in facing this challenge.

For whom is 4STEPS?

Which objectives the project 4STEPS has?

The main project objective is to support the successful RIS3 implementation applying the I4.0 to all the industrial sectors identified by each region. 4STEPS will lead to an improved level of innovative and productive methods and application of I4.0 in the regions of Central Europe.

What are the project outputs?

Any Questions?

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Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF)

Technology Maturity Level Index for SME pdf384.67 KB

Description of Technology Maturity Level Index for SME and evaluating their level of application of concepts and methodologies of Industry 4.0.

Survey of the current implementation of industry 4.0 practices in SMEspdf1.04 MB

Summary of results from mapping companies and their current use of I4.0 procedures in the Czech Republic.

Catalogue of current and future services provided by 4STEPS project partnerspdf4.85 MB

Catalogue of services provided in relation to Industry 4.0, which summarizes all activities that can make it easier for companies to find a correlation between their need for innovation and the 9 technologies of Industry 4.0.

Results of application of TML index on RIS3 sector.pdf286.91 KB

Results of the application of the TML index on 70 small and medium-sized enterprises from the participating countries, including selection criteria.

Educational concept for managerspdf1.23 MB

Educational concept used to train managers for the implementation of I4.0

Leaflet in CZEpdf914.99 KB
Transnational action planpdf1.04 MB

Transnational action plan of the interventions including a desk research of the available know how

Commitment reportpdf946.18 KB

Commitment report for ris3 innovation system improvement developed at a regional level

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