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Exploitation and dissemination

The final objective in research and innovation activities is deploying the product or service on the international market. Thus the formulation of the right exploitation strategy, objectives and plan is crucial for the success of the research and innovation project. Our experience shows this is necessary for all types of projects across the different Technology Readiness Levels (TRL). Even during the fundamental research, it's important to think about future exploitation. Strongly supporting measures for successful exploitation are dissemination activities. We are ready to support any private or publicly funded project with development and implementation of exploitation and dissemination strategies.

Our competences are:

Exploitation of research and innovation

Exploitation is a crucial activity for research and innovation projects to ensure uptake of developed Research or Innovation, and therefore ensure return of investment to such project. Exploitation is a complex process usable for research and innovation at any TRL as even for the fundamental research, it is necessary to focus on the follow up research and final application in highly innovative products, services and processes. Exploitation is closely connected with Dissemination. For example, in Horizon 2020, there is currently requested a well developed Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination (PEDR). The aim of our service is to serve general projects, not just H2020 ones, and provide separate services for Exploitation and Dissemination.

Dissemination of research and innovation

Dissemination of research and innovation is an important activity for informing specific/general members of public, research communities, industrial actors, policy makers or other stakeholders about the results and achievements of performed research or innovation. Our complex service is suitable for any research and innovation project including large multinational, multidisciplinary ones. This compromises our analysis of dissemination needs, development of a Dissemination Strategy including a Dissemination Plan and finally implementation and coordination of this plan within the project. In our Dissemination strategies, we focus to meet the specific needs of any type of project, while we specifically target needs arising from Exploitation Strategy.

Combination with sectoral competencies:

These are cross-sectoral competencies usable in combination with sectoral excellence in the industrial areas of:

  • e-Health
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Mobility
  • ICT Security

Specific Dissemination of Research and Innovation competence is usable in combination with these sets of services:

  • Clusters and Networks
  • PPP, PPI and PcP

  • Broadband network deployment

  • Infrastructure for e-health, smart energy, smart mobility and education

Who we work with:

  • SMEs and Start-ups

  • Universities and other RTDs

  • Public and Supportive Actors

References and projects:

Selected partners:

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