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From Scientist to Innovators

How SCI FI 2023 changed Tomáš Pavlů’s life: A participant’s perspective

SCI FI is a unique program that aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of health and life sciences. It is a six-month journey that involves online and offline learning, mentoring, networking, and pitching. Tomáš Pavlů was one of the lucky participants who completed the full 2023 SCI FI program with an amazing presentation. In this article, Tomáš will share his feelings, expectations, challenges, and outcomes of this incredible experience.

SCI FI 2023: A Success story from Team 6

The SCI FI program, or From Scientists to Innovators for Industry, is a unique course that helps young scientists transition from academic research to working in the pharma and medtech industries. DEX Innovation Centre is a proud partner of the SCI FI and is responsible for modules and cases included in the program. We are already planning the 2024 edition and we are excited to share more news in the near future!

Unlocking the potential of young Life Scientists: Insights from SCIFI 2023 participants

SCIFI, "From Scientists to Innovators for Industry," empowers young life scientists to thrive in healthcare innovation. Transitioning from academia to pharma and medtech is challenging, but SCIFI offers real-life case learning and mentorship. With two tracks, the Full and Light Programs, both spanning three months, participants like Tomáš Pavlů and Joao Victor Cabral from the Czech Republic share their backgrounds, motivations, and what they expect from this dynamic journey.

Flash back our top events held in 2022

We would like to remind you overview of our events that we managed to organize in 2022. You were part of it and we are proud we met live together. 

I am excited about technology developments and entrepreneurship in medicine

Through 7 modules and 5 bonus courses, the SCI FI programme gave young researchers the skills needed to transition and thrive as an innovator in the healthcare industry. Now that the course is over, we bring the interview with young researcher Albert Štěrba.

From Scientist to Innovators: improving the life of patients after spinal surgery

Hospital in Liberec and Bindworks are improving the life of patients after spinal surgery. 

Every year, between 250.000 and 500.000 people globally suffer a spinal cord injury. There is no reliable estimate of global prevalence, but estimated annual global incidence is 40 to 80 cases per million population.

From Scientist to Innovators: only until the end of May

ONLY until the end of April is deadline for your application for SCI FI programme. Especially designed for young scientists and researchers in healthcare. 

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