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Which challenges does CE Connector Angel co-investment fund (ACIF) target?

CE-Connector ACIF tackles the need for early stage co-investments into startups in amounts between 75 000 EUR (usual max 3Fs – friends, family and founders - funding) and 1 000 000 EUR (usual min VC - venture capital - funding) across central european countries co-invested from the side of few business angels and leveraged by public support mechanisms.

For whom is CE-Connector ACIF? 



We present and connect interesting startups from CE countries to our business angel networks bilaterally or on regular DEMODAYs and follow up events.

So far, we presented 180+ startups in our pipeline across CE territory, including the following startups from CZE and other CE countries.



We facilitate the whole co-investment process between multiple business angels and public leverage providers providing additional financial or in-kind support to invested startups. 

So far, we facilitated co-investment to 10 startups in the amount of 3+ mil EUR, thanks to the additional support of the following public organizations.



We organize industry investment panel discussions

Both around technology and industry focus.



We inspire and train new potential business angels

So far, we have asked 3 experienced business angels from our network to share their experience.



We organize CE-Connector Days for awareness raising of co-investments and Roundtable discussions with experts

So far, we have organized 3 CE-Connector Days online with inspirational international keynote speakers and workshop experts streamed live. 



CE-Connector Brochurepdf9.04 MB

Find out more about CE-Connector story, how to get involved and what do we provide.

CE-Connector ebookpdf12.70 MB

CE-Connector guide for business angels and public providers

CE-Connector Infographicpdf2.10 MB

Get basic illustration on what CE-Connector ACIF is about.

CE-Connector Network Leafletpdf6.12 MB

Find out who is involved in CE-Connector ACIF and what are our aims

CE-Connector ACIF Starter brochure for business angelspdf2.31 MB

Find out why and how to become a business angel with CE-Connector ACIF

CE-Connector ACIF Pilot case studies of 10 invested startupspdf3.32 MB

Get basic information about the co-investment deals of 10 early stage startups invested during CE-Connector ACIF Pilot

CE-Connector ACIF Training Pack in CZpdf455.51 KB

Get basic information on CE-Connector ACIF

CE-Connector ACIF Operational Manualpdf1.10 MB

Detailed information on the process of facilitation of CE-Connector ACIF co-investments which has been updated after the 10 investments in the Pilot

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