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V4 Starup Force

How V4 StartupForce and DEX IC helped Myco grow and innovate

Myco is a Czech startup that develops sustainable solutions for various industries using mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. The company was founded by MFA David Šohaj Minařík, who has a background in biotechnology. Myco’s vision is to create biodegradable materials that can replace non-sustainable materials and reduce the environmental impact.

DEX Innovation Centre přináší unikátní technologii HeatTank do České republiky a na Slovensko

Ve spolupráci s EIT InnoEnergy uvádí DEX Innovation Centre na český a slovenský trh technologii termální baterie pro chlazení a vytápění. Nabízí řešení pro instituce, které chtějí snížit náklady na energii spojené s chlazením a vytápěním s velmi krátkou dobou návratnosti investice (mezi 3 až 5 lety).

V4 Startup Force Expands to Ukraine: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Growth in Eastern Europe

Design Terminal's V4 Startup Force program is expanding its reach to provide support to Ukrainian entrepreneurs. This program, established in 2018 with the backing of the International Visegrad Fund, aims to help successful startups in the region, fostering knowledge retention. With over 100 companies participating, 500+ business meetings, and a fourfold increase in applications, the program's success is evident. The V4 Ukraine program has the potential to revolutionize the B2B landscape, driving economic growth and job creation.

Women’s History Month 2023: Celebrating Women in Science

This March, we join the world in celebrating Women’s History Month, a special occasion to recognize and appreciate the remarkable achievements of women across various domains of human activity. At Dex Innovation centre, we are passionate about research, science and innovation, and that is why we have chosen the theme of “Women in Science” for this month. 

The ultimate springboard for your innovation journey is EIT Jumpstarter!

You have a brilliant idea that can make a difference in the world. You have a passion for solving problems and creating value. You have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and building your own business. But you also have some challenges. You don’t know how to validate your idea, develop your product, find your customers, pitch your solution or raise funds. You don’t have enough resources, connections or support to make it happen.

V4 Startup Force can significantly save you time

The winner of V4 Startup Force shared with us his feelings and experiences from the programme. We asked WisePorter, the successful finalist at V4 Startup Force Programme and winner of the autumn edition 2022, to find out her experiences with the program full of workshops, business meetings, and tailor-made mentoring as well as team building activities and social events during the final 7 days they spent in Budapest.

Boost your business and take it across borders

We are very excited to share with you new startup programmes - the V4+ Innobooster and V4 Startup Force. These programmes are now open and you have the opportunity to apply for them.

We also offer programmes coming up, such as Womenture and new programmes from EIT Health. Read more below!

B2B companies can set foot in the region with the help of V4 SUF

The V4 Startup Force scholarship program helps companies in building a network in the Visegrad region. The main goal of the program is to build bridges between the four countries, which became even more crucial in our current economic situation. Startups can apply for the fall semester until 11 September.

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